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Credit Cards:

You have withdrawn the money from your credit card account but have not spent or sent it




Your credit card company will debit your credit card account the moment they receive notice from the account holder's bank of the stolen funds deposit into your credit card account.

This means you will be charged interest on balance due, which could be substantial if you withdrew a large amount.

It also means you will have a black mark on your line of credit.

You need to act quickly to forestall action by your credit card company.


Cease all correspondence with the scammers.  Do not open or answers their emails.  If you have caller ID, do not answer their calls.  If you do answer the phone, hang up as soon as you realize who is calling you.  If they persist, blow a whistle into the telephone.  If you are being threatened, please go here: http://www.fraudaid.com/threats.htm

If you have been corresponding with the scammers by email and/or have gone to a web site they told you is theirs, you are at high risk of Identity Theft even if you have bad credit.  Go here: www.fraudaid.com/id_theft.htm.

File a Scam Email Report with our Law Enforcement Support Division.  You will find step-by-step graphic instructions for your email service here: www.fraudaid.com/find_headers.htm.

MONEY ORDER WARNING! Counterfeiters are now inventing the names of money order companies.  DO NOT CASH any money order and DO NOT DEPOSIT any money order you receive from someone you do not know  or someone you met online without ordering your bank to send it for collection.

DO NOT WITHDRAW ANY FUNDS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT to spend or to send to anyone without asking your bank if they have been paid.  Even with a hold, your account is credited before your bank has been paid.   If the draft you deposited comes back because it was stolen, forged, or is a counterfeit you will owe your bank all the money plus return charges.  www.fraudaid.com/check_liability.htm

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You have withdrawn the money from your credit card account but have not spent or sent it:


Western Union and MoneyGram were designed to send money to friends and family, not to send money to strangers.



Immediately contact your credit card company using the 800 number on the back of your card.

Ask for the Fraud Department.

When you are transferred to the Fraud Department, make note of the date and time of your call, and the name and title of the person you are speaking to.

Give them the amount of your last transaction (charge or payment).

Tell them you just learned that you have been the victim of an Internet scam.

Tell them that the credit in the amount of $____________, dated ___________ did not come from you and is not valid.

Tell them you have the money in hand and ask for the quickest way to credit your account.

Tell them that when the amount is credited to your account you want it sent back to wherever it came from.

Ask for a new card number or whole new account.

If you are assigned a new card number, monitor your account very carefully.  It is possible, though rare, for fresh unauthorized transactions using the old card number to be recorded on your account anyway.

Check your balance to ensure the funds have been removed from your account.

If they have not been removed, call the credit card company again and continue doing so until the amount has been removed.

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If your circumstances do not fit the above solution or if you have difficulties negotiating with your credit card company or law enforcement please write to so we can review your problem and offer alternate solutions or intervention.


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