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In our experience, the solutions offered in this section have proven to be effective; however, we always recommend that you consult with an attorney.

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Stay out of debt and stay out of jail:

The legal truth about work-at-home money, package, and check forwarding jobs


How to really verify a check

Your ID Theft Prevention To-Do List

What to do about threats from scammers

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At Fraud Aid, Inc. we do our best to guide fraud victims through the fear and confusion of suddenly finding themselves at the mercy of creditors, civil attorneys, and/or law enforcement due to the misfortune of having been the target of a scammer.


No matter how hard we work for you, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome.  We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.  We advise you of options and provide information based on solutions that have been successful in the past; however, it is impossible for us to know all local and state laws, and while fraud victims can accomplish a great deal on their own, there are times when it is necessary for fraud victims to consult with an attorney.


The suggestions provided by Fraud Aid, Inc. are not legal advice and are not intended to take the place of legal advice. You should always consult with an attorney.


We are Fraud Victim Advocates who use our experience and knowledge to the best of our ability in guiding fraud victims in the proper direction. We strive to help all fraud victims but are not always able to do so.


Fraud Aid, Inc. is not responsible for the actions of or the consequences of your relationship or interaction with any third parties listed in this document or mentioned on our web site, www.fraudaid.org / www.fraudaid.com.


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