Fraud victim advocacy, fraud recoginition and prevention education, and law enforcement support

fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support

Fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support


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Victims are frustrated by lack of police action

I receive so many letters from 419 victims who are frustrated because law enforcement doesn't jump in and round up the culprits Hollywood style.  And get the money back unto the bargain.

The money part is easily explained - it's gone the moment it leaves the victim's bank account and is irretrievable.  The 419'er has spent it in his dreams long before he gets his hands on it.  By comparison, car theft moves at a snail's pace. 

Now it's time to explain something about the spirit of law enforcement.

The men and women of law enforcement have to literally crawl through the sewer of crimes and the criminal mind every day.  It's a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week job.  It's not as if they can just turn off the daily images when they turn off the lamp at night, or even when they take a vacation.  It's with them always.  I know because it happens to me with this web site.  At least I don't have to view violent crimes.

The vast majority of 419 frauds enlist criminal intent on the part of the victim.  The few proposals that appear to be honest business transactions are few and far between, except for the 419 Depositor Fraud.

Imagine how difficult it is for law enforcement to drum up sympathy for 419 victims who have basically entered into a criminal conspiracy to acquire illicit monies from overseas.  That's really what it boils down to in their minds, and that's what it boils down to in fact.  That a person's life savings may have been lost in the process is distressing to them, but the willful criminal aspect counterbalances their pity.

Add to that the difference between a child caught in a dangerous family environment vs. the person who has lost $5,000. to some bloke in West Africa.  Which crime do you think is going to receive the most immediate attention?  And that's the real world, even if you up the ante to $50,000.

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