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The database includes fraud materials used in these scams: phony certificates, forms for gathering victim data, requests for advance fees.

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  • Ticket Number

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  • Country: for Holland, enter Netherlands

  • Or even a phrase

Please Note:

The vast majority of Lottery Scam letters are actually form letters.  Only the Lottery numbers and contact information - not the contact name - has been changed.  Names, such as PETER LAMBERT, are just made-up names and do not represent real people. The addresses are frequently mail drops, the phone numbers belong to cell phones registered with phony information.  Same goes for the email addresses. 

As many as 3 different people in any one scam will pose as the same person.  This means you may think you are corresponding with only one person, but in reality the replies you receive may be from any number of people in any one fraud ring.  It just depends on who has the duty that day.

The same is true of letters from so-called attorneys, government representatives, or any of the many official titles the con artists use to give you confidence.  Most of the replies are form letters as well, with the same replies being sent to all the targets (potential victims) answering a "Peter Lambert" form letter.  For instance, the "Peter Lambert" form letter may be in use by several different fraud rings, located in different parts of the world.


* A form letter is one where the same identical letter is sent to everyone on a mailing list, or one that covers a particular situation and is ready-made to be sent to anyone asking about that situation.



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