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Lottery scam email databaseNames used in lottery scams

LOTTERY SCAM EMAILS - a miscellaneous listing

? Williams, Michael, Blue Fountain Lottery International

? Bernard, Wayne, UK-LOTTO Sweepstakes Lottery

? Branco, Gonzale - El Gordo Spanish Sweepstake Lottery

? Brown, Mega Lottery International

? Brown, Jones, Globalcom Software Int'l Lottery/Promotions

? Calisto, Brown, Premium Software International Lotto BV

? Critchlow, Gonzalez, Ponfa, Afro Asian Sweepstake Lottery

? Donald, Lambert, Afro Asian Sweepstakes Lottery

? El Gordo Sweepstakes (01)

? Hay, Williams, International Lottery Promo

? Haymond, Nigerian Inheritance Scam - Lottery Scam combo

? Jensen, Smith, International Lotto UK (01)

? Jensen, Smith, International Lotto UK (02 - investigative series

? Kats, Stenbite, Brown, Globalcom Software Int'l Lottery and Promotions

? Mark, Duncan, Golden Rand Lottery SA

? Martins, Rice, Goldland Email Lottery International

? Meijer, Derk, Go To Go Lottery

? Newman, Brown, Diamond Lottery

? Smith, Bryant, Grand Global Lotto Promo Lottery

? Smith, Golden Strike Sweepstakes Lottery

? Spencer, Sun Sweet Promo Lottery

? Van Borsch, Lucky Day International

? Van Dale, Dayzers Loterij NL

? Van Der Bosch, Game Promo Lottery

? Van Hall, Lottery Winners International - Mega Lottery International

? Vanklinkhen, Ochuko, Cresterlotto South Africa/Int'l Promotions

? Wadada, Golden Promo Lotto

? Wales, Thomas, International Lottery Program

? Wolfgang, Mega Lottery International


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