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How to view email headers in Outlook

CAUTION: Do not click on View Source in the drop down menu.  In Outlook, Source gives you the HTML encoding of the email text message; it does not give you the email headers.

In Outlook there are two ways to view the headers:

Option 1: Right click on the closed email; in the drop down menu, choose Options (Fig 1.). 


Fig. 1



Option 2: Open the email.  In the toolbar click on View, then choose Options in the drop down menu (Fig 2).


Fig. 2


When you click on Options, a small window pops up .  I've circled the area where the email headers are located in the popup window (Fig. 3).


Fig. 3



1.  Highlight and copy the Full Headers.

2.  Go back to the scam email and click on Forward.

3.  Paste the Full Headers into the top of the email message.

4.  Send to scamreports@fraudaid.com

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