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Fraud Secrets:

A Backstage Tour

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Why con artists scam:

You're in for a surprise.

Profile of a con artist

What con artists look for:

How scammers chose their victims.


Why so few scammers go to jail

How con artists set up their victims:

The 10 steps con artists use to get your money.

What a con artist won't tell you: Questions you can ask a scammer that will make him run from you.

What a con artist will tell you

14 excuses a scammer will give you for not returning your money

Where did my money go?

How do I find my money?



Investment scams - financial scams - ponzi schemes



Learn what's going on behind the scenes when you are being scammed: the plots, plans, and scripts swindlers use to separate you from your money


The function of a scam is always to sway present action toward future hopes.

                                                                               - Frank Walker, CFE



Basis for the Script:

All con artists know that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be a victim.  This is especially true if the target is convinced that he or she is too smart to be conned and that only other people get swindled.  Truth be known, the thought of being swindled doesn't really even enter most people's heads.

But you see, con artists count on that very thing: your deep down willingness to believe what you hear, your desire to trust.  Humans have an intense need to believe in magic and this affects the confidence artist's every move.

Every fraud is a carefully choreographed play, complete with special effects, illusion, misdirection, drama, intrigue, and sleight of mind.

The only one without a copy of the script is you - The Victim.



Cast of Characters

The Inside Man
Appearing as "The Golden Opportunity"

The Middleman
Appearing as the friend of the "Golden Opportunity"

The Target
Played by you, The Victim

The Extras
Other con artists who can adapt to any
part that is required
to give a solid appearance to the play

Written by the Inside Man
Produced by the Inside Man
Directed by the Inside Man


Let's take a look at The Inside Man, the one who is literally running the show ...



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