The Role of Fraud Aid as a Victim Advocate

A Victim Advocate, whether specializing in Violent or White Collar Crimes, guides and supports a victim of crime through the traumatic impact of the crime, the search for assistance services and continuing medical services if necessary, and through the complexities of the justice system.

Practical, time-tested, real-world tools for fraud victims and their families:

Currently, Fraud Aid does not have any Victim Advocates on our entirely volunteer staff, and to ensure that victims who come to us continue to have access to all the tools they need and all the questions they need answered, we are turning our web site into a practical, fact-based interactive fraud victim advocacy for you, your family, your attorney, civil or criminal, along with references for District Attorneys, Prosecution Attorneys, law enforcement, and fraud investigators.

These are the standards that will be maintained:

Fighting fraud since 1999, Fraud Aid is familiar with exactly how fraud affects its victims and their personal community.

Fraud Aid guides the fraud victim and/or the fraud victim's family through the consequences of the crime perpetrated on them. 

Consequences of a fraud range from minor to severe and may involve dealing with

  • financial institutions;

  • law enforcement reports;

  • family issues;

  • medical issues;

  • financial recovery;

  • immediate survival resources;

  • being arrested;

  • working with civil attorneys and criminal defense attorneys;

  • loss of self worth, fear, suicide or life-threatening health reactions, loneliness and separation engendered by prolonged secrecy, a variety of of unexpected thoughts, the shock of negative feedback from friends and relatives, distraction, and other stress-related emotional impacts;

  • navigating unfamiliar social systems;

  • and cultural issues. 

Any one of the many fraud schemes in the world may be repeated endlessly, but the impact on each victim is unique and we strive to address those unique issues in a manner which is comfortable for the fraud victim.

Our goal is for a fraud victim to regain control of his or her life, becoming more aware of the traps strewn by scammers in everyone's path, and thereby emerge stronger and wiser from the fraud experience, ready to rejoin the community with a sustained positive state of mind.

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