Our Credo: No short way to say it


We are committed to fighting fraud on every front.

We do not tolerate conditions in which

the defrauder can thrive, free of the fear of justice.

We are dedicated to bending mind and spirit toward making the business of

fraud difficult in the extreme, if not outright impossible.


The civil rights, welfare, and well-being of the fraud victim

are our primary concern.

We do not criticize. We do not pass judgment.

We do not do or say anything to compromise

the fraud victim's dignity and feeling of self-worth.


We stand between the fraud victim and the systems,

be they legitimate or fraudulent,

that seek to overwhelm that victim.

We provide assistance to those who stand up for the victim by sharing

our knowledge and expertise as they pertain to their prevailing challenges.


We educate.

We actively seek out any and all information related to fraud

and present our findings in an easy to understand manner

such that anyone in the world,

regardless of their culture and circumstances,

can apply what they learn to their personal situation.

We encourage members of the world community, both public and private,

to avail themselves of our gathered knowledge

toward the application of efficient fraud prevention practices

that ensure the safety of their personal funds and possessions,

and that of those for whom they are responsible.

We bear in mind, at all times, that those who come to us to learn,

regardless of their reason for doing so,

will impart to others the knowledge they gain from us and it is therefore

our distinct responsibility to ensure that

each fact we present is supported by

meticulous, judicious, and independently verifiable research.


We offer the full scope of our cooperation to prosecution and defense attorneys,

investigative agencies, public and private,

at every level in the course of an investigation,

in the furtherance of the goals of justice.



Co-written with Frank Walker, CFE, dec.  A great, brilliant mind, teacher, advisor, strategist.  We miss you every day.


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