In the late 1990's, there were but a handful of web sites on the Internet centered on fraud. Of those, only two were truly helpful to the confused, often frantic fraud victim.

Times have changed, but the many fraud-fighting sites that currently exist still are not helpful in a practical, legally applicable sense to victims of fraud, their friends, and their families, nor do most of the sites provide in-depth fraud recognition education that can be immediately absorbed and understood by any reader, regardless of nationality or level of education.

In 1999, Fraud Aid was started to fill that gap and remains the oldest fraud-fighting site on the web worldwide.

The Backstage Tour explains the basis and technique of all frauds, including a profile of how con artists think and what motivates them. www.fraudaid.com/Fraud-Secrets-a-Backstage-Tour.htm

The Dictionary of Financial Scam Terms offers viewers a means to research how financial instruments are actually used and processed and how they are misrepresented by con artists: The Truth vs. The Scam. www.fraudaid.com/dictionary_of_financial_scam_terms/

The Fraud Victim's Manual assists fraud victims in their effort to come to grips with what happened to them. The Manual includes a 12-Step list for emotional recovery; an explanation of Miranda Rights and how it used by fraud victims who face the possibility of arrest; an explanation of the different branches of US law enforcement and reporting agencies, on and off the Internet; and a step-by-step guide for writing a court-presentable report of the fraud (narrative). http://www.fraudaid.com/How-To-Deal-With-Having-Been-Conned/index.htm

The narrative, titled "How to Write an Effective Fraud Report", organizes the fraud victim's thoughts, memories, and Items of Proof needed by law enforcement and the prosecution to process an investigation leading to a better chance of successful conviction. www.fraudaid.com/fraud_victim_manual/

The "about" pages, titled "One Woman's Life in the Secret World of International Financial Fraud," describes in story format how Mrs. McGuire was drawn into the world of the con artists who scammed her. The sequence of events was written in such a manner as to be immediately recognizable to anyone who has been unlucky enough to have brushed up against an experienced con artist perpetrating a long term fraud. www.fraudaid.com/about.htm

As sections are added to the Fraud Aid web site, the principles apply as stated in our Credo:

We actively seek out any and all information related to fraud

and present our findings in an easy to understand manner

such that anyone in the world,

regardless of their culture and circumstances,

can apply what they learn to their personal situation.


Wherever possible, links are provided to ensure that viewers can perform their own independent research to verify statements made by Fraud Aid and draw their own conclusions. 



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