Fraud victim advocacy, fraud recoginition and prevention education, and law enforcement support

fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support

Fraud recognition & prevention education, fraud victim advocacy, law enforcement support


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I am DR. Greg L.THAMBO (Ph.D), a South African and a senior civil servant (General Supervisor) in the South African Gold and Diamond Mining and processing Krugersdorp, the immediate junior brother of MR. OLIVER THAMBO (Africa National Congress - ANC) who was assassinated during the apartheid (ignoble and unhappy) regime. On 24th April 1994, when apartheid was dismantled the South African Government decided to compensate the families of all the freedom fighters that lost their lives during the struggle by placing the educated elites in high offices in South Africa among which my family was included. For instance, Nelson Mandela was compensated by being the first president of South Africa, Richard Parkes was appointed the manager of Shell and BP South Africa Petroleum and refinery (S.A.P.R.) Jeff Radebe was appointed the Minister of Public Enterprises and Trevor Manual was appointed the Finance Minister etc. In fact, I got your contact / credibility from South African information Exchange analyzed and assisted by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry where I however read your company’s profile believing in its reputable capabilities, as regards my intensive purposes to you. As a matter of fact, I have accumulated sufficiently US$80 Million (Eighty Million United States Dollars) by the great position of my office as a senior civil servant in the South African Gold and diamond Mining and Processing Krugersdorp. Presently, this fund is absolutely kept in an insurance suspense holding in a private security company in South Africa. The deposition of this fund was made easier for me with a very strong written agreement and signatory in a different beneficiary under my control. Being a South African does not give me any possible room to invest or utilize this fund in my country as the law strictly prohibits. If the government hears about it, the fund will be confiscated. This fund is my struggle and sweat through commissions from unaccountable contracts and other profitable additions from the company’s original cost price mostly gained from customers around the world. Therefore, my plan / intention about this fund is to invest it overseas for me and my family specially into a straight forward, trustworthy and God fearing person less taxable account overseas ultimately for investment purposes. Using your name / company as the beneficiary of the money to avoid government intervention (South African government). 20% will be your share for assisting me. And 80% will be for me and my family subject to investment in your country. If you are interested in assisting me, please notify me immediately with the above phone numbers,and e-mail address. But if in any case you may not render, please maintain the high level of confidentiality needed in this transaction. Yours faithfully, DR. GREG L.THAMBO (Ph.D.)

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