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Official United States of America Lotteries Web Sites


NOTICE: The only lottery operated by the US Federal Government is the US Citizenship and Immigration Service Diversity Visa Lottery Program, often referred to as the Green Card Lottery.


The individual American States listed below operate lotteries that require the purchase of a ticket at either a store or a ticket machine in that state.


You cannot purchase a ticket to a State Lottery on the Internet.  You are never notified if you win.  You must check your ticket against winning numbers.


ALL LOTTERIES must be licensed and registered with their respective Gaming or Lottery Commission

Lotteries operated by individual states

1 Alabama - no State Lottery
2 Alaska - no State Lottery
3 Arizona
4 Arkansas - no State Lottery
5 California
6 Colorado
7 Connecticut
8 Delaware
9 Florida
10 Georgia
11 Hawaii - no State Lottery
12 Idaho
13 Illinois
14 Indiana
15 Iowa
16 Kansas
17 Kentucky
18 Louisiana
19 Maine
20 Maryland
21 Massachusetts
22 Michigan
23 Minnesota
24 Mississippi - no State Lottery
25 Missouri
26 Montana
27 Nebraska
28 Nevada - the Nevada State Constitution does not permit lotteries
29 New Hampshire
30 New Jersey
31 New Mexico
32 New York
33 North Carolina - no State Lottery
34 North Dakota
35 Ohio
36 Oklahoma - no State Lottery
37 Oregon
38 Pennsylvania
39 Rhode Island
40 South Carolina
41 South Dakota
42 Tennessee
43 Texas
44 Utah - no State Lottery
45 Vermont
46 Virginia
47 Washington State
48 West Virginia
49 Wisconsin
50 Wyoming - no State Lottery




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