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Due to the current economy, we are receiving an unprecedented number of requests for guidance.  We are answering your requests as quickly as we can.

Arrested fraud victims are the top priority, followed by fraud victims at risk of arrest and indebted fraud victims.

While you are waiting for our response, please download your manual.  The appropriate manual is listed after each form title below, and the downloads are repeated on the acknowledgment page which you will see as soon as you click on Submit.

We do not financially assist indebted fraud victims.  We provide guidance that, depending on the circumstances, allows indebted fraud victims to have the debt dismissed or arrive at a repayment schedule that is reasonable and possible for all parties.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open your Manual.  You will find the free download on the Adobe Acrobat web site here:

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Fraud Victim Debtor Form Indebted Fraud Victim Manual
Arrested Fraud Victim Form At Risk of Arrest or Arrested Fraud Victim Manual
Fraud Victim at Risk of Arrest Form At Risk of Arrest or Arrested Fraud Victim Manual


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