The Dictionary of Financial Scam Terms: The truth vs. the scam


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Four-One-Nine is the Nigerian criminal code for a scam that is not only widespread but deadly.  One receives an unsolicited email or snail mail stating that millions of US dollars need to be removed from Nigeria and you have been selected by government officials to assist.  Naturally, you will be amply rewarded for the assistance by retaining a percentage of the funds transferred; however, in order to facilitate the procedure your financial assistance is required up front.  This scam is far too extensive to detail here.  Please go to SCAMSPEAK: NIGERIAN SCAMS for more information and what to do if you have been a victim, have received any contact as described above, or intend doing business in Nigeria.


This is an overseas area code.  This little bit of nastiness comes tapping on your phone bill in two ways: (1) You receive an email or regular mail that warns of an impending charge to your credit card or an impending law suit, or other dire situation, and the return phone number is in the 809 area code.   When you call the number, the person on the other end of the line either does not speak English well (or is faking it), has to repeatedly put you on hold, speak to another person, or a combination of the above that will keep you on line to the tune of $25.00 a minute.  (2)  You receive an 809 area code phone number on your pager with the results being the same as above.



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