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Mega Millions lottery scam


- A scam letter bearing the Mega Millions logo is being sent out to individuals in several states via standard mail. This letter notifies supposed winners of their unclaimed "Mega Millions" prize and also contains a counterfeit check.

This is a fraudulent letter designed to obtain personal financial information from unsuspecting players who believe they have won a prize in the multi-state Mega Millions game. The member lotteries of the Mega Millions game are in no way affiliated and are not responsible for the distribution of these letters/checks.

If you, or someone you know, receive one of these counterfeit letters/checks, do not deposit it into your account. This is a counterfeit draft money laundering scheme. The check will bounce and will be sent back to the fraudulent organization stamped with your bank's routing and account information. The sender will then attempt to withdraw funds from your account.

These letters are currently under investigation. We will inform the public of any new information as it becomes available. Should you be contacted by anyone purporting to be from the Mega Millions organization, please contact us immediately by going to www.megamillions.com/contact_us.asp.

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